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Have you ever wondered why after briefing a market research company with exactly what you want, you have been surprised and annoyed to find that you have not got either what you asked for nor had it delivered when you needed it?

So we'd like your help you get it right first time!

You can either e-mail your initial ideas on your requirements to Keith Wallace, or there's a simple questionnaire below that will help you outline your requirements so that we can start preparing a detailed specification for submission to our team of analysts and researchers.

Remember, this is only a briefing document and does not commit you or your company to any programme of work.

Finally, you should tell us whether you have already invited proposals from external research houses, and whether there are any you would not want us to approach.

Once you have completed the form, just click 'Submit' at the bottom of the questionnaire.

Everything you tell us about your research progarmme will only be shared with bona fide research houses with your consent.

Yours sincerely,

Keith Wallace

1. What is your provisional budget for the project?

To US $999 US $1,000 - US $4,999 US $5,000 - US $9,999
US $ 10,000 - US $29,999 US $30,000 - US $49,999
US $50,000 - US $69,999 US $70,000 - US $99,999
Greater than US $100,000

2. On which geographical area will your research be focused?
Global North America South/Central America Western Europe
Central & Eastern Europe Asia-Pacific Australasia Africa
Specific Country (please type in:)

3. To what timescale are you working? When do you expect the research to be completed?
One week Two weeks One Month 3 months
6 months 9 months One Year
Other (please specify)
4. Do you want a single proposal or multiple proposals?
Single proposal from one research team
Multiple proposals from different research teams
Single team but proposing alternative approaches
Multiple teams proposing different approaches
Other (please specify)
5. Which market and sector is the work to focus on?
6. Please state the objectives of the research
7. Please describe the background to the problem you wish to research
8. Without committing yourself at this stage, how do you envisage the research being undertaken?
Desk research from secondary sources
One-to-one interviews
Postal questionnaire
Web questionnaire
Other (please specify)

9. Which external research companies, if any, have you already asked to quote? Are there any research houses or analysts you would NOT like us to approach?
We have already approached:
Please do not approach:
10. Please add any other comments you would like to make here.
Personal information
Job Description
Marketing Sales Senior Management
Business Development
Channel Development
Product Management Finance
Technical/Engineering Strategy
Content Management
Type of company you work for:
Financial Institution
Publisher/research company
Financial institution
Government body
Approximate turnover of your company (US$)
under $1 million
$1 - $10 million
$10 - $50 million
$50 - $100 million
above $100 million
Company Name:
Company Address:
Web address:
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